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Former DNI James Clapper makes it clear that Trump would not have won without Russia's help (Daily KOS | 5/25/19)
Nice to learn it’s not just me who believes this.

EPA wants to triple level of rocket fuel chemical allowed in drinking water (ThinkProgress | 5/24/19)
While many nations and states work to ensure the planet has breathable air, safe food, and drinkable water, Trump and hos EPA advocate poisoning our water, air, and farmlands.

Trump+Taxes+Deutsche Bank+Mnuchin+Barr = Cover-Up (Bloomberg | 5/23/19)
Opinion piece discussing the lack of transparency concerning Trump’s financial entanglements.

Former deficit hawk Mick Mulvaney admits Trump administration is "spending a bunch of money on stuff we’re not supposed to," as U.S. debt soars (Newsweek | 4/26/19)
You can thank Trump/GOP tax cuts for the wealthy and coporations for the rapidly rising deficit

White supremacist terror is rising, and Trump's policies kneecap our ability to fight back (USA Today | 4/26/19)
“...from 2009 to 2018, right-wing extremists have been responsible for 73% of the extremist murders in the United States…"

Justice Ginsburg schools her conservative colleagues on the meaning of the word ‘consent’ (ThinkProgress | 4/24/19)
A must-read article explaining how the Supreme Court just struck a major blow to worker rights.

Can a sitting U.S. president face criminal charges? (Reuters | 2/26/19)
I believe it’s time we find out.

Educating Conservatives: Today's Lesson: Why Fox 'News' Constantly Lies (Alex Diaz-Granados | 2/2/19)
A brief history of state propaganda (i.e., “conservative”) channel Fox News.

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